Minutes – June 2, 2016

Organ Transplant Recipients of SWFL Inc.
Meeting Minutes
June 2, 2016


The monthly meeting of the Organ Transplant Recipients of SWFL Inc.was called to order at 11:48 a.m. on June 2, 2016 at The Sanctuary located at 8960 Colonial Center Drive in Ft. Myers by Shamie Kelly, President of the group.


•    Anniversaries: Robin Furney-Liver (6/22/07), Kay Arrowood-Molle-Liver (6/19/07), Vern Jackson-Lung (6/20/07), Tom Stuart-Liver (6/24/10), Dorothy Weaver-Kidney (6/26/95), George Kearns-Heart (6/27/96), Donna Williamson-2nd Kidney (6/18/15)

•    Member Updates: Jenniene Moran is unable to attend today due to having staples removed from her fistula surgery. She is recovering well. David Weinstein had been having some fluctuations in his creatinine which he reports are now resolved. John Hall is improving from his hip popping out of joint.

•    Visitors: Rod Kerfoot, heart recipient (3/14/16) is here with his wife and caregiver Leah. His transplant took place at Tampa General and he is recovering well. David Clark is here and he is pre-kidney transplant on dialysis. His wife, caregiver, and potential donor Marleen is accompanying him to the meeting today.


The Secretary’s report was approved and meeting minutes are available to view on the website. The Treasurers report shows a previous balance of $590.15 with contributions of $73.00 from the monthly 50/50, and $15.00 in membership dues collected resulting in $88.00 in deposits. $111.40 was paid to Shamie Kelly for last month’s meetings food leaving an ending balance of $566.75

Donna reports that the Fletcher Fund has $191,171.87 available.

The board decided to cover half of the website costs returning $300 to the group.

Janet Milan, the new transplant social worker from Lee Memorial was voted in as the new Fletcher Fund Secretary and Carlene Brennen as a member of the board.

There have been 3 grant requests received, 2 of which have been approved and paid out and 1 is still pending board approval.

Donna also mentioned that Café Press which offers t-shirts and various other personalized items for sale could be added to our website in order to generate additional funds for the group.

The Night for Life IX wrap-up meeting will be postponed once again as all committee members are not present at this time.

Old Business

The official Night for Life IX press release is scheduled to go out on Monday June 6th in the Fort Myers News-Press. Shamie asks that everyone please remember to thank all of our sponsors if you have not already done so. Sonny’s BBQ has selected our group for their event “Random Acts of BBQ” in which a party will be held at their Fort Myers location in our groups honor. They will provide food, beverages, and a cake to celebrate our group and its impact on the community. The event is expected to take place in late July or August based on the availability of the restaurant, more details to follow at the next meeting.

Please make sure that you are signed up on the new website to ensure that you are getting group emails! There will be important information regarding events, t-shirt and name tag ordering, and volunteer opportunities that you may miss out on if you are not registered.

The discussion on whether or not to have lunch catered is still ongoing. The budget for lunch typically comes from the 50/50 funds so try and remember to purchase tickets during the meeting to ensure that we can continue to provide lunch for all members without depleting the group funds. Carlene Brennan spoke with Janet Milan the transplant social worker to see if Lee Memorial would at least cover our lunch costs since they are no longer providing the space we used to hold our meetings at in the hospital, she is still waiting for a response. Donna Williamson made the motion that members bring their own beverages to the meetings in an effort to save costs and lessen the amount of items having to be brought in by whoever is picking up the food. Joe Ritter seconded the motion. Carlene Brennan offered to bring cups for members to utilize the water fountain for beverages. Donna Williamson also made the motion to put out a basket or “tip cup” for members to contribute toward monthly lunch provisions as well. Melissa Tuff seconded the motion. Steve Williamson offered to pick up the food for the next two months and Carlene Brennan seconded the motion.

The group wishes to acknowledge and thank Cathy and Vicki for bringing the food for today’s meeting. Name tags will be available to order for $10 and a sheet is being passed around for those who are interested to sign up. T-shirt color options were also passed around and the cost is expected to be about $13 each.

New Business

The group would like to see more professional speakers visiting so Mariann Jefferson mentioned Dr. Rosen from Snead Eye Care would be interested in speaking at our meeting and Donna Williamson mentioned Dr. Kim (Plastic Surgeon) may be a good option as well. It was also proposed by several members that we try and find a dermatologist, a pharmacist, and perhaps a nutritionist/dietician to come and address pre and post transplant concerns. David Weinstein won $26.50 in this month’s 50/50 and elected to donate his winnings back to the group.

Holding a night meeting quarterly was discussed and will be researched further as to accommodate those members who are not able to attend regularly due to work and/or dialysis schedules. Paul Lewis wanted to mention an event taking place at Hammond Stadium that is being held by his eye center. Please contact him for ticketing info. He also mentioned that another group he belongs to held an event called “Comedy for a Cause” and he proposes this be looked into as an option in order to generate more funds for the group.

The group is also looking into participating in more social activities such as an annual picnic as to allow members to get to know one another more in a social setting rather than just seeing each other at monthly meetings. The group consensus was that this will be a great idea and many members are eager to participate. David and Janet Weinstein will be traveling to Cleveland to take part in the Transplant Games of America. Janet will be participating in bowling, trivia, a 5k, and a 10k. President Shamie Kelly will be speaking about our group and organ donation at an
upcoming Kiwanis event.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm by President Shamie Kelly. The next meeting will be at 11:30 am on July 7, 2016, at The Sanctuary located at 8960 Colonial Center Drive in Ft. Myers.

Minutes submitted by:    Melissa Tuff, Secretary