Minutes – February 4, 2018

Organ Transplant Recipients of SWFL Inc.

Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2018


The monthly meeting of the Organ Transplant Recipients of SWFL Inc. was called to order at 11:46 a.m. on February 4, 2018 at The Sanctuary located at 8960 Colonial Center Drive in Ft. Myers by Shamie Kelly, President of the group.


  • Anniversaries: Shamie Kelly-Kidney (2/5), Donna Williamson-Kidney (2/12), Julio-Kidney (2/1)
  • Visitors: Peter-Liver recipient, Kim-Caregiver for husband in need of heart
  • Member Updates: No update on George regarding his recovery from skin burns due to an accident at home, Shamie will check in with Rick Keatley and Jenniene Moran as they have not been able to attend the last few meetings. Please keep all of our members in your thoughts and prayers.


The Secretary’s report was approved and submitted to Bob for posting to the website. Donna Williamson reports the Fletcher Fund balances as of 10/27/17 was $21,100.36 in the “Foundation Fund” and $205,673.85 in the “Community Fund” for a total of $226,774.21. At their last meeting it was decided that $10,000 would be transferred into the equity account and that annual member grant amounts would increase to $1500. The fund will also reimburse the group for half of its website fees from this year, and all years going forward as the Fletcher Fund Application is available on the OTRSWFL webpage. Shamie Kelly requests a formal report be compiled which will include the amount of grants paid out of the Fletcher Fund to members. Donna Williamson acknowledged and agreed to provide this report. Treasures report shows a previous balance of $1433.91 with contributions of $75.00 in membership dues and $26.00 from the monthly 50/50 resulting in $101.00 in deposits. $62.59 was paid to Shamie Kelly for food leaving an ending balance of $1472.32 David Weinstein (treasurer) would like to remind everyone that membership fees are due this month and he will be available after the meeting for anyone wanting to pay.

Old Business

On January 24th the group hosted a fundraiser at the Jason’s Deli located on Cypress Lake. 15% of each receipt placed in the designated box was given back to our group for a total of $174.59!! The event organizer, GroupRaise, wants to highlight our organization and our fundraising/awareness efforts and the group agreed to allow them to do so. Shamie proposed we host another fundraiser in April at the same location except this time we will be given a table and allowed to distribute educational materials during the event. This time we would preferably hold the event on a Sunday, likely the 22nd or 29th. On February 8th the group will once again host “Comedy for a Cause” at the Laugh-In Comedy Club in Fort Myers. This event is open to the public and tickets are $15 per seat. $10 of each ticket sold will be donated back to the group. Flyers are available, and the event is also on Facebook. The National Kidney Foundation’s annual kidney walk will be taking place this year on Sunday March 11th at the beautiful Lakes Park. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the walk will start at 10 a.m. There is a prescription discount program called “Good Rx” that offers discounts on an array of mediations, including transplant meds. More information regarding this program will be provided on the groups website. Shirts and hats are available for sale, please see Shamie for more information. Business cards and name tags are being ordered from Quik Copy as to not only utilize them for Night for Life programs. David Weinstein made a motion for the group to adopt a non-denominational prayer, Kathy St. Clair seconded, Donna and Steve Williamson opposed, majority in favor and the motion carried.

New Business

This years for Life event will take place on April 2nd at the Broadway Palm. Flyers and donation requests are available, please see Shamie for these handouts. Janet Weinstein has recruited another band to replace last year’s entertainment as they were not available for this year’s event. Our focus will be on donor families and the plan is to have a couple donor families speak about their experience with organ donation. Shamie mentioned last month about constructing a slideshow to be displayed at some point during the event that details the group and the Fletcher Fund along with their functions and missions. There will be no VIP tickets available for purchase as they are being reserved at this time for the sponsorship tables. The cutoff for accepting physical donations for the auctions is March 26th and we will plan to hold a committee meeting at Norma Martin’s house on or around the 27th. The first committee planning meeting is scheduled for 2/23/18 at 3:30 p.m. in the Gulf Coast Hospital cafeteria. There is a sign-up sheet being passed around for members to indicate where they would like to help out in relation to the event. Shamie Kelly has already approached Associates of Nephrology, Lee Health, and Surgical Specialists of SWFL for sponsorship, please remember to ask your transplant doctors about potential sponsorships. Any organizations or individuals solicited should be disclosed to a member of the committee so that they are not being contacted more than once. Donna Williamson made a motion that 50% of this year’s proceeds (after expenses) are retained by the Fletcher Fund and 50% go back to the OTRSWFL for promotion of the group and organ donation awareness. Funds are to be used for PR and educational materials only, not for lunches and social events. Paul Lewis seconded the motion, all in favor, no opposed. David Weinstein then made the motion to repeal the motion he made last month (the members of the OTRSWFL members should be responsible for deciding how much of the proceeds go to the Fletcher Fund and how much stay with the group from the Night for Life event. The specific amount can be determined at a later date. Kathy St.Clair seconded the motion.) and replace it with the following: the OTRSWFL will entirely run the Night for Life event beginning this year. All funds received will be processed through OTRSWFL at which time the groups board will determine the amount of funds to be distributed to the Fletcher Fund based on the following: 1. The amount of money in the Fletcher Fund’s bank accounts.

  1. The amount of interest received by the Fletcher Fund from the SWFL Community Fund
  2. The amount of money the Fletcher Fund is allowed to distribute to our members each year.
  3. The amount the Fletcher Fund gave out as grants and other expenses.

This money will be used for promotional materials, member socials, organ donation awareness, and community outreach. The motion failed to pass as all members in attendance were opposed. Donna Williamson motioned to amend her original motion to include the 50% of Night for Life proceeds that will be retained by the OTRSWFL Support Group this year can be used as needed. Leah seconded the motion, all in favor, none opposed.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m. by Shamie Kelly, President of the group. The next general meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. on March 8, 2018, at The Sanctuary located at 8960 Colonial Center Drive in Ft. Myers.

Minutes submitted by:     Melissa Tuff, Secretary