Minutes – May 2, 2019


The monthly meeting of the Organ Transplant Recipients of SWFL Inc. was called to order at 11:45 a.m. on May 2, 2019 at The Lee Outpatient Sanctuary in Ft. Myers by President, Shamie Kelly.


Anniversaries: Chelsea Bley – Kidney (5-00-96), John Craig – Heart (5/1/1993), Joseph C. Haug Jr – Heart (5/2/1997), Michael Janvier – Kidney (5/27/2002), Greg Okon – Heart (5/14/2007), Wayne Ormsby – Kidney (5/30/2003), Norma Waughn – Liver (5/1/2002)

Visitors/New Members: N/A

Member Updates: Bruce Casper was in the hospital as of the beginning of the week. No other information available. Manny Pagan is on hold with Tampa now as he is being checked for other issues. Keep the family of Phil Schumer in your prayers as his daughter, Kristin is experiencing health problems.


Meeting minutes were submitted, approved, and are available on the website. Treasurers Report shows a previous balance of $10,919.24 with deposits of $574.50 from the Moose Lodge/Drag Queen Bingo event, $100.00 from Gail Novak (Night for Life Ticket Sale), $100.00 from Laurie Lehmann (Night for Life), and $100.00 from Kate Rouse totaling $774.50 in deposits for the month. $22.80 was paid out for last month’s food leaving a balance of $11,770.64 Donna Williamson reports the Fletcher Fund paid out one grant last month to member but she does not have any financial reports for the fund at this time.

Old Business

Paul Lewis is not here to discuss his possible event at Hammond Stadium so that discussion is tabled for next month. David Weinstein reports that the Pitch for Life Baseball game was a success and he won the chance to go into a “cash machine” where he had the opportunity to grab some cash and he wound up winning over $60! David and Janet also made it to the “Wall of Heroes” up in Tampa and had the opportunity to take pictures with it while at Roar through Ybor 5k. Rick Keatley recently held his 4th Annual Organ Recipient Picnic at Oscar Scherer State Park. There was about 40-50 people in attendance and overall it was a great event.

New Business

Focus on membership! Encourage members to leave business cards and meeting flyers to their transplant clinics so more people are aware of our existence. Marketing materials are being worked on; we are looking for members to join a subcommittee to make decisions on these materials. Donna Williamson stated she feels our group should focus on membership and hold events that are streamlined more toward awareness and the availability of us as a resource rather than fundraising. Perhaps holding a “gratitude reception” for our valued supporters. Going forward, Melissa Tuff will pick up the sides and beverages and David Weinstein will continue to pick up the sandwiches.


The next LifeLink meeting is an appreciation meeting at Dave & Busters in Fort Myers on Thursday May 23rd from 12pm-2pm

Upcoming Events

Board Meeting to discuss changes to meeting day and time. Shamie will send out details on when this will take place.


$22 to the group, $23 to the winner

Night for Life XII

We are looking at having an event in place of Night for Life for this year only since we were not able to meet the necessary minimum ticket sales for the Broadway Palm. A possible option is having a fish fry dinner at Bonita Bill’s near Fort Myers Beach. This is Carlene Brennan’s brother’s restaurant and he is offering the use of the space for free. The dinner is $10 per person and chicken/vegetarian options are available and $1 of each dinner will be donated to the group.

We can also sell tickets for Chinese Auction and 50/50 throughout the event. For this year only, we plan to have a social/awareness event Donna Williamson made the motion that we do not have the Night for Life event until the organization comes together to decide to go forward with more member involvement and for now have smaller fundraisers such as the event at Bonita Bill’s. Janet Weinstein seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed. Frank Tutay mentioned the Moose Lodge as being part of an event, but he does not have all of the necessary information at this time to move forward for the planning so this will be revisited for a future event. The Center for Spiritual Living is also available and has offered their space for meetings or events in the future.


Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m. by President, Shamie Kelly.

The next general meeting will be on June 6, 2019, at the Lee Outpatient Sanctuary 8960 Colonial Center Drive Fort Myers, FL 33905

Minutes submitted by Melissa Tuff, Secretary